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Smart Cycling 2019

Next Class: Thurs March 21st 2019 @ 6pm and Sat 23rd March @ 9.00 am.

Class cost  is $30 per student.

To Register: Please email to sign up for the class and receive a registration form. Once registered, please pay by clicking the bike-zia button below.

 $20 class pymt

Smart Cycling is the gold standard for any bicyclist who wants to be a safer, smarter and more confident rider in and around urban traffic…and have the leading national qualification to prove it. Smart Cycling is devised and accredited by the League of American Bicyclists and taught in Santa Fe exclusively by Bike Santa Fe’s nationally certified instructors. Some of the most skilled and experienced riders in Santa Fe have taken Smart Cycling – every participant whatever their riding level comes away surprised and impressed with new perspectives and riding skills gained..

Thurs, 3/21 is a class room session which reviews the online curriculum and instruction manual. It is very important to review/study the material before the class.

Sat 3/ 23 is the on-bike portion of the class. We will do drills in the parking lot in the morning (skills such as scanning/signaling, and also emergency maneuvers such as quick stop, instant turn, and rock dodge). The afternoon will consist of actually riding on city streets and using your new skills. Meet in the parking lot of the South Capital Complex (State office building) adjacent to South Capital Station  at 9 am.

Please note. Bike Santa Fe has added two new features to the standard LAB curriculum. Catherine Rivard, a leading local bike injury/accident attorney will give a brief presentation on 3/21 on the essential steps to take in the event of an accident. Also, to pass the class you will be required to show that you can proficiently change a bike tire…if this is a problem please get in touch and we’ll schedule a quick instruction session.

Before the class: When you have registered and paid we will send you links to the online portion of the class. This is primarily a series of videos produced by LAB. It is essential that these have been viewed prior to the class.

For the on-bike session, 3/23 HELMETS WILL BE REQUIRED.

There will be a lunch break on 3/23.

If the weather makes the on-bike section of the class impossible, then a further attempt will be made the following day on Sunday 24th or the following weekend.

Additional Smart Cycling 2019 classes have been scheduled for June 6th & 8th, July 25th & 27th and Sept 26th & 28th.

This class will be led by Jennifer Wellington who can be reached on 505 690 7006 to answer any questions.



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