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Only the bike-friendliest cities across America earn the League of American Bicyclists “Gold” designation. Currently Santa Fe has a “Silver” designation.

So although Santa Fe has made plenty of progress adding paths, bike lanes, , great local mountain bike trails, promoting education to school kids etc we still have huge room for improvements.

The Gold designation is a demanding objective. This is not a fluffy public relations award. but an exacting requirement that shows a community has made the necessary commitment to developing safe cycling and is fully prepared to invest the resources to making it happen. It requires coordination and buy-in from traffic engineering, law enforcement, education and multiple other local interests.

Along with many other official and volunteer groups, Bike Santa Fe is highly involved and committed to doing whatever is necessary to reaching the required standards. Should we ever reach those standards then Bike Santa Fe will also have met most of our objectives and we can all go biking instead. But we still have a very long way to go and progress is uncertain.


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