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Bike Week May 9-17, 2020 Postponed till Fall!

Look for new dates in the Fall!

We believe every week should be bike-to-work week.  Raising awareness, offering a choice.

No one claims Bike Week changes a lot of attitudes or creates huge numbers of new bike commuters. But if it opens up a few conversations, plants a few seeds and even gets a handful of people to leave their car at home, if only for a couple of days, then it’s worth being a part of.

But Bike Week isn’t always about making new converts…it’s also a celebration and acknowledgement of the riders who make Santa Fe’s roads and pathways their own every workday. Whatever their reason – fitness, financial, environmental – these are the riders who succeed in making a reality of the dream many of us would like to share. These are the vanguard, advance troops in the fight to make Santa Fe the bike commuter city it should and could be.

Start the celebration off by upgrading your ride with gear or a totally new ride, from the BSF hosted Bike Swap on Saturday, May 9 postponed TBD from 10-2. Enjoy a slow-moving community cruise, a by-bicycle treasure hunt and get ready for a 25, 50 or 100 mile Century ride.

This is a week the bike community, bike shops, industry related businesses, transport groups and many others organize a wide mixture of activities, music, breakfast burritos, clinics, rides and a treasure hunt. And after all this, the week finales with the Santa Fe Century ride.


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