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Bike Santa Fe Mechanics Series – starts Tues 5/15 @ 6.30 pm

Bike Santa Fe’s club treasurer, Stephen Newhall, is a little bit bike obsessed. He is one of those guys that knows the quirks of every bit of bike gear ever made and has probably taken it apart and put it back together blindfolded.

We are hugely fortunate he is prepared to pass on his limitless knowledge at our regularly scheduled (and often sold out) 4 part basic bike mechanics classes.

If you are planning on riding the streets and trails of Santa Fe, this class is a requirement. With goatheads or glass strewn across our trails, are you ready and prepared to fix a flat? What would you do if your chain breaks mid-ride? Could you identify the most important parts of your bike and explain how they work together? Can you adjust your brakes for safety and your gears for maximum efficiency?

With these skills securely tucked away in your saddle bag, you will be confidently prepared for just about any mechanical issues you’ll face.

The next class series starts: Tues May 15th @ 6.30 at Rob & Charlies, St Michaels Village. The other three classes will be on the following 3 Tuesdays, 5/22, 5/29 and 6/5.


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