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Bicycle & Trails Advisory Committee – BTAC

The Bicycle & Trails Advisory Committee (BTAC) is where the bike community meets City Hall.

BTAC is a City Council citizen-committee where all issues relating bicycling and pedestrian safety, access, infrastructure, regulations and trails are discussed. It consists of a designated City Councilor – BSF welcomes  Councilor Michael Garcia to his new role as committee chairperson – plus members of the local bike community and local bicycle business’.

Two of Bike Santa Fe’s board members currently chair BTAC On-Road and Education sub-committees, allowing us considerable input and an ability to impact local bike issues at an administrative level.

Meetings have been held on the third Wednesday of each month (time and date may be changing after April 2020- check with Romella Glorioso-Moss or here) in the City Council chambers. A period is set aside for public comment at the start of each meeting. If you want to make your bike-related case to city hall or just have an issue you want to get off your chest, this is your venue.

If you have a cycling related issue that you would like brought forward, contact one of the committee members or Romella Glorioso-Moss, the staff liaison.


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